Marrakech - Between 1001 night and modernity. Breathtaking.

Marrakech, the city on the edge of the Sahara Desert and at the foot of the Atlas mountains, attracts people from all over the world because it has many romantic places and reflects the oriental life to the full. People feel like in a thousand and one nights and love the fairy tale atmosphere of Marrakech. Experience unforgettable highlights in the Pearl of the South.

Catch a glimpse on the highlights.

Vintage power & photographers handcraft: Discover pulsating Marrakech in a different way

Discover Marrakech in a stylish vintage car and find your way through the dense road network. Afterwards walk through the streets of the Medina with a professional photographer and take the most beautiful pictures of the red city with professional support.

Under a thousand stars: Adventure in the wild desert

Desert experience: Whether off-road with a 4x4, a lively quad or on the back of a strong camel - fun is guaranteed in the Sahara. Get involved with the original life and get a glimpse into the life of the nomads in a traditional desert camp.

Majestic pearls: Unique experience with Arab thoroughbreds

The noble full-bred Arabians enchant with their majestic appearance. Experience the Arabian noble stud very closely. Let yourself be carried away on the back of the noble animals and learn more about dressage, keeping and breeding from the horse whisperers.

Oriental oasis: Escape in the fairy tale of 1001 night

High-end dinner at the world famous La Grande Table Marocaine (3 Michelin stars). Under the direction of star chef Yannick Alléno, traditional Moroccan delicacies will be served.

Luxury hotel Selman Marrakech - a palace with a unique, exquisite and charming ambience at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. Selman Marrakesh was designed by Jacques Garcia, built by the best craftsmen and convinces with a fascinating and timeless harmony.


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