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Once a year, Leading Collection organizes a trip of a special kind under the guidance of Barbara Morf. An exclusive group tour with 10 to a maximum of 15 individual participants, which takes place only once a year. You don't have to worry about anything, just enjoy and experience.
The journeys lead to distant places and promise to explore the country and its people in depth. We attach great importance to slow, sustainable travel. A look behind the scenes with personal encounters is made possible in order to better understand people and their culture.

Our tour guide Barbara Morf is a passionate traveler. She personally knows countless destinations and hotels all over the world and maintains contact with many local people. This guarantees special experiences that Barbara Morf would like to share with you. In addition, every traveler can enjoy exclusive luxury hotels and hidden pearls of this world.

Let yourself be seduced on a unique journey into another world. Get inspired.

Upcoming tour: 14. October to 04. November 2020

Discover mystical, fascinating China

China is the land of a thousand wonders. Immerse yourself in the thrilling culture on the tightrope walk between cultural tradition and modernity. The encounters with people and culture of the new world power make this journey an unforgettable experience.
For 19 days Barbara Morf will accompany you through the fascinating Middle Kingdom. Experience the pulsating cities of Shanghai and Beijing, mystical treasures of bygone times such as the Terracotta Army and the Great Wall of China, breathtaking landscapes in Yangshou, lumbering pandas in Chengdu and exciting insights into the Chinese everyday life of a farming family.

Catch a glimpse of the itinerary below. Have we awakened your love of adventure? Contact us without obligation and we will tell you everything you want to know.

Barbara Morf

Barbara Morf - Tour guide

Mystical China. Catch a glimpse of the itinierary.

Vivid cities: Shanghai & Bejing

Discover the business metropolis Shanghai by bike. Experience traditional markets, culinary delights in the middle of a Buddhist temple, stroll through the lively districts - just to name a few highlights.
Beijing fascinates with the Forbidden City and the climbing of the spectacular Great Wall of China - two wonders of the world unequalled.

Culture up close: Xi'an & Yunnan region

Marvel at the visit of the Terracotta Army - one of the most precious tombs in the world. Let your creative veins run free at the batik workshop. Explore the Black Dragon Pool and learn more about the traditional culture through stories told by a Dongba (priest of the Naxi people).
In Shangri-La you can dine with a local family and experience the authentic cuisine.

Nature pure: Chengdu & Guilin

Visit the gentle, clumsy panda rearing station in Chengdu. We explore the bizarre limestone rocks of Guilin on a bamboo raft. Experience the everyday life of a Chinese farmer family up close and enjoy a tractor ride through the breathtaking landscape.

China, but different: Hong Kong

The conclusion forms the fascinating metropolis Hong Kong with unique excursions.
In the exclusive hotel pearls and lodges, you will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in order to process the many impressions of this fascinating journey.

Impressions of past journeys. Simply exceptional.

Enriching encounters: Thailand - Laos - Cambodia
The travel group was able to experience the culture and diversity of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia up close. Golden triangle, ethnic villages and ancient temple towns. Feeling the slowness on the Mekong and diving into another world with wild waterfalls, freshwater dolphins and coffee plantations. Simply luxurious. It was an adventure in a class of its own.

Enchanting South India
"God's own Country" is how Kerala is described. This is how the participants experienced Kerala. They were enchanted by the luxuriant vegetation, intensive spices and scents, cheerful sounds of nature and the most beautiful sunset of India in the backwaters. They have discovered Karnataka with its overwhelming temple towns, coffee plantations and wild elephants. And finally, they reflected on the idyllic beaches of Goa.

Morocco - Dreaming in the land of 1001 nights
Morocco is the gateway to Africa, the world of the Orient, intoxicating for all the senses.
For 17 days Barbara Morf guided the group through this fascinating country: Immersed in the Medinas of the royal cities, marveled at historical cultural sites and dreamed under the starry sky in the desert. Fascinating encounters with Berbers in the Atlas Mountains and culinary highlights on a winery; in short, an unforgettable adventure without equal.


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