Selman Marrakech

Selman Marrakech - a palace with a unique, exquisite and charming feel nestled at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. Designed by Jacques Garcia and built by the finest craftsmen, Selman Marrakech has a captivating and timeless harmony.

Emerging like a memory, it sparks the collective Orientalist imagination. All guests at this intimate and individual family property share in the joy, love and dreams of the impassioned and welcoming hosts. In this masterfully erected palace that is untouched by time, the art of Moroccan hospitality comes alive. Precious moments enhanced by the presence of sublime thoroughbred Arabs, which symbolise the majesty of a civilisation and form the heart and soul of Selman Marrakech, welcoming the joy of life. This essential and unparalleled experience takes you back to the source of a long-forgotten luxury, rediscovered under the starlight of the Selman Marrakech.


The luxurious hotel in Moroccan style is located at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. It’s a true oasis with its dreamlike garden.
The pulsing city of Marrakech is easily reachable in a short drive. Moreover, four excellent golf courses are in a periphery of maximum 8 kilometers.

International airport of Marrakech: 10 minutes’ drive
Marrakech city: 15 minutes’ drive

Roomes & Suites

Selman Marrakech offers 55 luxurious rooms and suites and 5 private Riads, truly intimate backdrops that symbolize the tradition of the Moroccan art of living.

Superior, Deluxe and Prestige Rooms (50) - from 55m2 to 70m2
Charming, cozy, spacious and seductive rooms, which include all of Selman Marrakech’s hallmark comforts. Large private terraces provide magnificent views over the surrounding landscapes.
Suites (5) - over 120m2
Elegant rooms with two separate beautiful terraces looking out onto the pool, with the Andalusian Pavilion and Atlas Mountains providing the backdrop.
Villas (5) – from 580 m2 to 700 m2
At Selman Marrakech, these romantic residences wholeheartedly play the sensuality card. These pristine and intimate luxury jewels have a heated swimming pool and private garden and include a 24-hour butler service.

Restaurants & Bars

Enjoy a flavorful moment at a dinner at LE SELMAN RESTAURANT with international cuisine.
Ideally located in the gardens of the hotel, LE PAVILLON offers an exceptional view of the paddocks as well and allows you to watch the parade of Arab thoroughbreds. The menu of Le Pavillon restaurant is resolutely oriented to the flavors and tastes of Mediterranean cuisine.
THE ASSYL RESTAURANT offers Moroccan cuisine, full of passion. Assyl is an Arabic name that means "noble origin", "authentic". The majestic decoration of the room and the discretion of the service reinforce the nobility of the cuisine worthy of the most beautiful Moroccan tables.
During the holy month of Ramadan, Selman Marrakech invites you to discover the pleasures of the traditional Moroccan FTOUR in an idyllic Arabian Nights setting.
LE BAR with a baroque spirit is a timeless place, beautifully designed by Jacques Garcia. Enjoy the swimming pool at the POOL BAR and its menu of fresh food and drinks.

Wellness & Spa

The Espace Vitalité Chenot spa is unique within Morocco. This wellness centre is an oriental-inspired spa that conjures up the Hammams of ancient Istanbul. Arranged around a central heated pool, it includes seven treatment rooms, four hydrotherapy rooms, a massage pool, two heated outdoor pools, two hammams, a fitness room and a boutique spa where products from the Chenot range are available to purchase. Espace Vitalité Chenot Marrakech offers innovative treatments, along with treatment programs that follow the famous method of Dr Henri Chenot, an antiaging skincare and health concept based on chronobiology.  The wellness center offers also detoxifying and regenerating treatment programs.

Dive in the 80-meter-long, idyllically laid out pool in the middle of the lush gardens.

Meetings & Events

The Selman Marrakech is a green oasis, perfect for meetings, incentives, to relax and to discover the city. In addition to high-end meeting rooms, the hotel offers countless possibilities for events at various locations up to a maximum of 200 people. The hotel can also be rented exclusively.

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The Selman Marrakech and its surroundings offers endless activities to provide a diversified holiday.
Enjoy an adventurous Quad and well-being tour in the region of Marrakech to explore the stunning surroundings at close range.
Discover the beauty of the region aboard a vintage car in perfect condition. Or step in one of the comfortable sidecars and explore Marrakech and its unusual places while listening to the insider information of the local driver.
The Selman Marrakech houses the Arabian thoroughbreds and makes the hotel unique in Morocco. These noble studs set every horse enthusiast’s heart aflutter. Experience these majestic animals very close in their stables, let yourself carry right on their backs or watch them while enjoying your breakfast or a cocktail.
Moreover, golfers come amused and can enjoy the four beautiful golf courses close by to the hotel.

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