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This statistic illustrates luxury holidaymakers' travel behavior in comparison to the national average in Great Britain in 2017. When planning their next holiday, 89 percent of luxury holidaymakers agreed that they have at least one destination in mind compared to 70 percent of the national sample. Luxury travelers were also more likely to agree that they are passionate about traveling.
UK residents took an average of 1.9 holidays abroad in 2019. Overall, residents took 3.9 holidays per person, including domestic vacations within the United Kingdom.
This statistic shows the average length of stay on holiday visits abroad by UK residents from 2011 to 2018. In 2018 travelers from the United Kingdom spent an average of 8.9 nights on holidays overseas.
This statistic shows the annual number of visits made for holiday purposes abroad from the United Kingdom in 2018, by length of stay. Around 7.7 million trips were taken by UK residents for holiday visits lasting between one and three nights.

Population United Kingdom: 66.44 million, as of 2018
Population Irland: 4.83 million, as of 2018
Source: Statbel


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