Deluxe culture in Verona and at Valpolicella Valley. Sensational.

The Arena di Verona is a well-preserved Roman amphitheatre in the Italian city of Verona. In Roman times, the Arena had a capacity of over 30,000 spectators and was used for gladiator fights and competitions. Due to its excellent acoustics, the imposing arena has established itself today as a unique concert venue. Let yourself be seduced by the enchanting sounds of the Verona Opera Festival (June to September) and be part of it up close.

During the wine tasting weeks (September to November) in the picturesque region at Lake Garda, you will get a deeper insight into the traditional craft of the winegrowers. Let yourself in for the exquisite pleasure with all your senses.

Catch a glimpse on the highlights.

Wonderful strains: Meet renowned opera artists

Get-together with renowned opera artists in ancient city Verona. Be amazed by the private performance and delicious dinner.

Verona Opera Festival: Arena di Verona at its best

Get the best seats in the ancient Arena during the Opera Festival (June to September), VIP service with Prosecco and a gourmet dinner right at the Arena di Verona.

Wine tasting weeks: All about the art of Italian wine

Individual wine tasting in the famous, traditional wineries of Lake Garda and Verona. Exclusive guided tours of the wineyards and insights into the wineries at Valpolicella Valley. Experience rural Italy and learn Italy's centuries-old handcraft.

Bella Italia: Stay at gorgious Vapolicella Valley or at Lake Garda

Fantastic accommodations: Indulge in a luxury hotel at Lake Garda near beautiful Verona or dream away in the enchanting vine-growing region of the Valpolicella Valley. The choice is yours.



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