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Sri Lanka’s most trusted and creative travel company creates, designs and delivers highly personalised and insightful itineraries and experiences.
They promote and enrich the traveller with a focus on authentic connection and sustainability. The fabulous getaway delivers a professional service with passion and attention to detail.
The fabulous getaway, TFG, is a destination management company for Sri Lanka with a combined experience of over 30 years in designing and operating bespoke trips to Sri Lanka. They pride themselves on having an unparalleled understanding of the island and use this knowledge to create tailor-made tours which go above and beyond the ordinary.
The Sales and Product team live and breathe Sri Lankan culture. They are constantly on the lookout for new properties and secret gems. Furthermore, they are passionate about developing unique experiences led by local hosts which allow travellers to get under the skin of Sri Lankan culture during their holiday.



Few islands in the world offer the diversity that exists in Sri Lanka, from ancient cities, to rich religious festivals, to colonial memories, to rolling tea plantations, to the best beaches in the Indian ocean, to an astonishing variety of bird and animal wildlife and to a bustling and chaotic way of life.
The fabulous getaway Sri Lanka is based in the city centre of Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka.

International Airport: 57min driving distance

Who they are

The journey began almost 20 years ago when co-founders Charlie Austin and Miguel Cunat arrived in Sri Lanka and independently set up the two travel companies that changed the face of Sri Lankan tourism.

Fast forward in 2020 they plan trips to Sri Lanka for partners from all over the world, who trust TFG to help them make the most of the journey. For some, this means connecting them with interesting people along the way. For others, it means finding the most authentic and beautiful hideaways, making the trip fun and engaging for the whole family.
Like the country they are a multi-ethnic and multi-faith organisation. They want to save Sri Lanka from the spoils of mass tourism.

What they do

Planning a perfect trip: Plan and create innovative ways for clients to take back great memories of the island. Help on decisions such where to go and how long to stay, selecting vehicles, which hotel to choose etc.
Profound connection: They yearn to allow their clients to give back to the society as much as they receive. Connecting to local people.
The good guide: As Sri Lanka is both logistically tricky and incredibly diverse, the guides of TFG help clients to find their way around and provide many insider information.
Operational excellence: The service is more than just the best hotels; the aim is to go above and beyond a client’s expectation. They provide top notch vehicles, coupled with knowledgeable, friendly and well-mannered chauffeur guides.
Responsible and transformational travel: Their goal is to ensure they operate and manage the resources sustainably. TFG has one of the most comprehensive and ambitious sustainability policies in the industry. They develop and deliver sustainable experiences.

The island

Sri Lanka, a small miracle.
A classic trip around Sri Lanka takes the inquisitive traveller into seven different worlds:
Ancient civilisation: Experience Sri Lanka’s unique heritage
Ceylon tea: Take a sip of the world-famous tea and visit a working tea plantation. Catch a glimpse on the exciting journey from bush to cup.
Amazing wildlife: Sight the island’s incredible array of wildlife, from soaring birds to the giants of the land and sea. Explore the island’s wilderness and exotic flora and fauna.
Beautiful beaches: The coastline of over 1.3km that rings the island offers diverse and breathtakingly beautiful beaches.
Sweet cinnamon: Visit a cinnamon plantation where you can smell the sweet woody aroma and learn the art of peeling cinnamon.
Inspiring architecture: Allow yourself to be inspired by Bawa, an artful genius of architecture.
Sri Lanka today: Stand in the present, as you take in the multi-faceted and fast-paced island of today.

Sharing & Caring

The fabulous getaway believes in operating responsibly.
TFG is conscious of the ever-increasing signs of human impact on the world we live in and wants to do more than just their bit to make sure the imprint is positive. From maintaining maximum possible sustainability in their workplaces to ensuring the journeys they plan are friendly on planet, they are committed to be change makers and impactful players in the industry.
Reducing plastic waste: E.g. they have introduced reusable water bottles for their clients and provide drinking water on the client’s journeys.
Supporting local communities: They have helped several clients to engage with the community, such as building washrooms for a school and even painting the classrooms.
Reducing emissions: E.g. they have invested in newer vehicles for their fleet.

Impressions of Sri Lanka. Simply breathtaking.

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