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In the 2018 travel season, more Germans have travelled than ever before. Almost two thirds of the population (62%) packed their suitcases in 2018 and travelled.
Travel intensity has increased in every age group, but most strongly in the over 55 generation (51% to 56%) and especially within the 65 to 74 age group.
The average duration of the main holiday is 13 days. Well over half of Germans (54.3%) spent their holidays in Europe. Around one in eight holidaymakers took a long-haul trip in 2018.
On average, German citizens spend 98 euros per day on their main holiday. That is a total of 1,250 euros per person.

A total of 11,116 travel agencies are operating in Germany, generating a total turnover of 26.9 billion euros in 2018. This corresponds to the highest density of travel agencies in the world. In the same year, tour operators were able to turn over around 36 billion euros.

The German travel market is of great importance to us due to the above-mentioned key figures and holds a lot of potential. Our database for the German market contains almost 850 valuable contacts.

Population Germany: 82.79 million, as of 2018
Source: Tourismusanalyse


In 2018, each person resident in Switzerland made an average of 3.2 trips with overnight stays. 67% of trips with overnight stays took place abroad.
The 25 to 44-year-olds recorded the highest number of trips abroad with overnight stays (2.8 per person).
Popular destinations abroad were neighboring countries, namely Germany (13%), Italy (12%) and France (10%). 7% of trips with overnight stays had a destination outside Europe.
66% of trips abroad are related to four or more overnight stays. Almost half of all trips abroad (47%) were in hotels or health resorts.
On private trips with overnight stays, one traveler spent an average of 125 euros per day. With 190 euro per person and day the journeys with hotel overnight accommodation were by far the most expensive.
Since 2012, trips abroad have increased by 22% (2012: 1.8 trips per person; 2018: 2.2).
The Swiss market is extremely interesting, as the number of trips abroad is constantly increasing and the average expenditure per person and day is above average. Purchasing power is therefore given for the luxury hotel segment. Our database for the Swiss market contains almost 500 valuable contacts.

Population Switzerland: 8.5 million, as of 2018
Source: Bundesamt für Statistik


In 2018, 5.8 million persons residing in Austria undertook at least one holiday trip at home or abroad. This corresponds to a participation rate of 78.3%.
Austrians spend an average of 6.6 nights abroad. A total of 59.1 % of persons aged 65 and over travelled in 2018.
The most popular foreign destinations for all trips with at least one overnight stay were Italy (21.1% of trips abroad), followed by Germany (15.2%), Croatia (12.7%) and Spain (5.7%).
Austrians spent a total of 14.6 billion euros on holiday trips in 2016. Compared to other EU countries, they spend an above-average amount on their holiday trips.
The Austrian market is therefore very promising, especially for travel in Europe. Our database for the German market contains almost 50 valuable contacts.

Population Austria: 8.8 million, as of 2018



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