Agricultural specialist tour Mauritius & La Réunion. Mind expanding.

Would you like to gain a deeper insight into how the locals manage the numerous plantations on the fertile tropical island of Mauritius? Mauritius offers a unique opportunity to get down to business and expand your agricultural knowledge.
On a detour to the neighbouring island of La Réunion you will make your way through the wild jungle and marvel at the biodiversity of this unique tropical area.

Catch a glimpse on the highlights.

Tackle desired: Sugar cane harvesting

Learn the craft of sugar cane harvesting from the locals. Strong tackle desired! Learn more about the by-products of sugar cane by visiting the factory ("Omnicane"), where you will discover the bagasse used in power generation and the molasses for ethanol.

Traditional craft: Follow the footsteps of tea pickers

Follow in the footsteps of the tea pickers, learn the traditional craft and accompany them through the old tea plantations.

Amazing Flora & Fauna: Wandering through the tropical jungle of La Réunion

Accompanied hike through the wild, tropical jungle of La Réunion. The guide will tell you everything about the flora and fauna of this breathtaking ecosystem.

Indulge in paradise: Dream away in idyllic surroundings

Overnight stays in dreamlike luxury hotels of the Beachcomber Group - pure relaxation in this idyllic paradise.


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